Our Technology
Ever since our first delivery in March 2017, KiwiBots have revolutionized the last mile delivery market.

We’re delivering the future
Our Team
Connecting the world:
KiwiBot Autonomy Engine
One delivery at a time
With our multimodal system in place, we foresee a world in which a meal,
package or good can be delivered fast and cheap - anywhere - anytime.
It doesn’t miss a thing
Six fully integrated Ultra HD Cameras surround the KiwiBot, giving it 250º field of vision, all at once.

This guarantees complete awareness and outstanding navigation performance.
Computer Vision
Deep Learning
In order to operate autonomously, the Kiwi Brain needs to understand its surroundings.
For this to happen, we rely on two factors that guarantee our autonomy:
We use state of the art technology and monocular image vision to understand the Kiwi Bot surroundings and environment. With this, we correctly identify traffic lights in order to cross streets and detect objects and obstacles to avoid collisions in a safe, reliable manner.
The technology behind self driving cars and self driving drones, is deep Learning. At Kiwi, we use Deep Learning to teach the Kiwi Bot the correct way to interpret data gathered from it’s sensors and to make intelligent decisions that ensure a fast, safe and cost-efficient delivery.